3 Golden Hairs

ABV: 4.6%
IBU: 40
SRM: 6
Style: Czech Pilsner


3 Golden Hairs is a clean, crisp, hoppy Pilsner. Brewed in the Czech style this beer features a malty pilsner aroma and flavor. It’s perfectly balanced with the floral hoppy character of Saaz hops. With medium light body and a crisp finish Pilsner was invented in 1842 in teh Czech city of Pilsen. It is a very blonde, clear, effervescent lager. The water in the Czech region is very soft which suppresses the hop bitterness and allows the hop aromas and flavors to shine. Our local water  is also very soft making it perfectly suited for brewing pilsner beers. We have chosen to use the floral, spicy Saaz hops over German hops as  ths beer is always refreshing.

Color: Light golden with good clarity and soft white persistent head

Aroma: Grainy with distinct smells of Pilsen malt but a noticeable floral hoppy character

Flavor: Soft rich malt with distinct grainy, husky flavors punctuated by a mild hoppy bitterness. A subtle earthy taste lingers into the finish

Mouthfeel: Crisp and dry. Carbonated with a bit of bite but balanced by the hop and grainy finish