Farmers Daughter

ABV: 5%
IBU: 23.4
SRM: 9
Style: Oktoberfest Beer

Fairy Tale:

Once upon a time…

A farmer’s wise daughter was tasked with solving a riddle in order to free her father from the dungeon and marry the King.  To the King’s surprise, she solved his riddle, her father was freed, and she and the King were wed.  Because of her poor upbringing however, the King became disenchanted and eventually banished The Farmer’s Daughter back to the squalor from whence she came, allowing her to take one possession with her.  Upon waking the following day, the King was outraged to find himself in a small hut.  The Farmer’s Daughter explained to him that he was her most prized possession, and his heart instantly softened.  The two were wed once again and the Farmer’s Daughter became Queen.

Farmer’s Daughter is our traditional Oktoberfest Lager, perfectly balanced and ready for fall.