Old Sultan

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Fabled Fermentation

Münster Altbier originated in Münster Germany, in the 19th century. Altbier ousted the regions former favorite (Keut). In 1872 almost 54 breweries in the town were making Münster Altbier. Altbier simply signifies that it is a top fermented beer or Ale. Alt in the region means “old”, referring to ...Read More

Little Red Cap

~ Currently on tap in our Taproom


Little Red Cap is our GABF Gold Medal winning. Once Upon a time in the ancient city of Dusseldorf, monks perfected a style of brewing that used the top-fermenting yeast of an ale and the cold conditioning of a lager. The result was a clean-tasting, full-bodied ale, known as Altbier. At Grimm Brot ...Read More