Our taproom located at 623 N Denver Avenue in Loveland is the perfect venue to tell our story through beer.  Housed in a commercial business park our taproom is located just across the parking lot from our production facility.  With seating for 60 people and private Community room, it’s the perfect venue to relax and try one of our 12 beers on tap plus historic beer engine.

We offer tours by appointment only, email aaron@grimmbrosbrewhouse.com to set up a day and time.

Taproom Hours

M-Th 1-9
Fri-Sat 12-9
Sunday 1-7



Firkin Fridays

Every Friday in the taproom we release a new firkin. Firkins are cask conditioned beers or “Real Ale” that are re-fermented in their serving vessels. This can apply to bottle conditioned beers, firkins, or casks.  This is the traditional method of carbonating beers due to the lack of ability to force a pure CO2 gas into the beers.

The wonderful thing about a cask or a firkin is that the beer will evolve over the week that it is opened.  As soon as beer touches oxygen changes begin to happen. In a keg, it is not possible for oxygen to touch the beer because there is always pure CO2 being forced into the keg.  With a cask/firkin beer, there is no CO2 being forced in so as beer is drawn out it is replaced by oxygen which starts the aging process. Of course, this process also reduces the life of the beer which is why we serve it for one week and then change it out.

Firkins can be as simple as refermenting the base beer without any flavorings added, or it can be dry hopped or infused with things like chocolate, caramel, coffee, ect.

There are two traditional ways of serving a cask or firkin:
1. Gravity, you simply place the cask on a countertop and pour out of a spigot.
2. Hand pump, this is just a simple pump that moves the beer out of the cask to a glass.

Come to the taproom and try one of our firkin creations today.