Briar Rose

ABV: 4.9%
IBU: 11
SRM: 5
Style: Kölsch

Fairy Tale:

Once upon a time…

The King and Queen thought to be unable to have children, miraculously gave birth to the princess Briar Rose.  The King overcome with joy, invited 12 of the 13 fairies of the kingdom to bless the princess.  The fairies came with offerings of riches, livestock, land, beauty, and good health for Briar Rose.  However, when the slighted 13th fairy showed up uninvited, she cast a curse on the poor princess.  It was to be that on her 16th birthday, Briar Rose would die from the prick of a spindle.  The other fairies did their best to soften the curse, but were unable to completely reverse it.  And so, on Briar Rose’s 16th birthday, she did not die from a prick of a spindle, but fell into an eternal slumber.

We brew our Briar Rose Kölsch to celebrate the sweet princess, and hope that someday she will wake.