Maiden’s Kiss

ABV: 4.8%
IBU: 9
SRM: 4
Style: Radler

Fairy Tale:

Once upon a time…

A young maiden, whilst frolicking and playing with her favorite golden ball, lost control only to see it lost to the depths of a nearby well.  As she wept for her lost ball, a slimy little frog crept up and vowed to retrieve it, but only if she would trade a small kiss.  The maiden accepted, the frog quickly did as agreed, and the ball was returned.  After a wary kiss, the fair maiden was met with bewilderment as the frog was transformed into a noble prince.

Maiden’s Kiss is our traditional lemon radler, brewed with heaps of real lemons.  This is a lager that will pucker your lips with a kiss of tartness and will, with certainty, leave you waiting for your prince.