Grimm Brothers Brewhouse Releases Summer Seasonal Lager

Briar Rose Tap HandleAdding to the seasonal lager series, Grimm Brothers releases Briar Rose, a Helles lager, on May 30th. In German, “helles” denotes something light, bright or blonde, all perfectly describe the beer which will be released each Summer. This is the fourth beer in the seasonal lager series which already includes Maiden’s Kiss, a Helles Bock released in Spring, Farmer’s Daughter, a Oktoberfest released in fall, and Midnight Strikes, a Schwarzbier released in Winter.

The Grimm Brother’s tale Briar Rose, tells the story of a young princess who was cursed by a fairy. At 15 she was wounded by a spindle and went into a hundred year sleep with a hedge of thorns surrounding her castle. After the hundred years had passed and many princes had come and tried to break through the thicket a new prince came and saw nothing but beautiful flowering shrubs, through which he went with ease, he found Briar Rose sleeping and with a kiss broke the spell. The new art by artist Josh Emrich, depicts beautiful Briar Rose asleep surrounded by the flowering hedge of thorns.

Briar Rose is a well-balanced beer with a slightly sweet malty profile and enough hop bitterness in the finish to dry the palate. It is available on draft and in bottles in the Grimm Brothers taproom, in bottles at local liquor stores, and on draft at select accounts.