Master Thief soon to become Robber King

Master Thief Changes on the way…..

Master Thief was one of our first specialty beers, available in the taproom the first couple weeks after our doors opened.  As we grow as a brewery and stretch our distribution to new states there are always challenges.  This challenge came in the form of a cease and desist for the use of Master Thief.  Another producer owns all the rights to use of the word thief when it comes to alcohol products.  Luckily after working through the lawyers we were able to secure a limited agreement to keep Master Thief on the shelves.  But as we continue to grow its become necessary for us to re-brand our porter.   Master Thief will soon become Robber King.  We also took this opportunity to update the recipe as well.  We have spent the last year playing with porters to dial in exactly what we were aiming for.  We decided on a Robust Porter to replace the German Porter that has been around since the beginning.  We love the new beer and those who have had the chance to taste it in our taproom love it as well.  During the transition Robber King will replace kegs of Master Thief as we tap the last few kegs.  This week we will be using up the rest of our Master Thief cans and the new Robber King cans should be hitting shelves soon.

Here are some details on Robber King: